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Great Features. DCAA Compliance. Zero-Fail Reliability.

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Our flagship accounting product. Stand-alone - or coupled with CCAS Capture time and expense - an unparalleled breadth of real-time financial and project cost data is always available to authorized users.

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LightSTORM Home

Our single-user version of Light4 that includes bank and credit card transaction importing, and much more. There’s also LightSTORMd, the very same app but built for the latest iOS devices, exclusively.

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Capture for Pros

Created for Professionals, Consultants and their iOS devices. Uncompromising timekeeping, expense reporting and invoicing Apps. Companion PC and Mac applications are included.

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CCAS Options

Permanent and annual software licensing options are offered. Our completeness and fair pricing sets us apart from our competitors. Delivered pre-configured, our software is easily and quickly deployed.

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Simplify and Enhance Your Accounting Operations
(optimized results and "wins" are the goals).

All CCAS Light applications are feature-complete, ultimately approachable GAAP and DCAA compliant accounting solutions that help insure that:

Your DCAA Preaward Survey is successful and your contract win is awarded without delay.
You are always ready to track, report and accurately invoice project costs and expenses.
Your balance sheet accounts are quickly and easily reconciled, their accuracy confirmed.
The DCAA critical - and typically resource-consuming - reconciliation of your "Salaries Payable” account is automatic.
A wealth of financial, job cost and management reports are available for all periods, always.
You're always DCAA audit ready with Incurred Cost Submission reports generated with a button-click.
You stay ready to aggressively - and smartly - bid on new or follow-on work.
You’re able to confidently focus on the work at hand.

All CCAS Light software provides for unlimited employees. A CCAS Light system "user" is defined as any individual that you've authorized to access it. For example, a 5-user Light4 license allows for simultaneous access by any 5 of your employees and access privileges can be reassigned at any time.
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Run Unlimited Instances of Your Light License.

Fundamentally, you’ll run and manage Light as your company’s dedicated accounting software. Yet, you can also:

Run separate instances of Light for budgeting and forecasting purposes.
Run a copy, or copies, of your books separately - in “Pro Forma” mode - to test “what if” scenarios.
Provide a full copy of your books to your accountant(s) for monthly, quarterly, or annual review.
Move a copy of your Light books to your iPad or iPhone for true on-the-fly review.

All of your instances of Light4 (and LightSTORM) can be run concurrently on a single computer (or device) or over your network or cloud and all is protected by Light’s comprehensive built-in, user-configurable, security controls.

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CCAS Light & Capture: Compliance-Savvy Stalwarts.

The most important standards our software attempts to uphold are yours. This idea is fundamental to our work. Because our software focuses on the needs of contractors whose accounting may be subject to rules presented in the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) - and enforced by the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) and other government agencies - we also make every effort to assure that your compliance with these regulations is complete and as easy and fluid as possible. So easy and fluid - and nearly transparently so - that if you didn't know what to look for, you might not even notice that it's happening. CCAS Light and Capture software are DCAA compliant solutions, fully satisfying DCAA's criteria for "acceptable" accounting systems as set forth in its Standard Form 1408.




Light4 Home Quick Access 50

It’s all here. All Light functionality is accessible to authorized users from its "Home" screen (with no scrolling through "cryptic" sub-menus required).

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CCAS products are…

PC & Mac Native

Run our software on a Mac or PC and - served over your network or the "Cloud" - any combination of them.

iOS & Surface Compatible

Access as a "client" with iOS and Surface devices or run directly (and fully) on iOS and Surface Pro devices.

Supported Worldwide

With users located around the globe, our support must follow. The latest technologies help assure this.

Updated Regularly

Software refinements, enhancements and any necessary fixes are delivered regularly.

What it All Means for Contractors.

Our pricing and new licensing options make our time-tested and field-proven software affordable for all. Affordable enough that cost can no longer be cited as an obstacle to the full accounting compliance and instant and comprehensive financial and job cost reporting capabilities of government contractors.

That we minimize those efforts and costs usually required to get other software operational - and to maintain it - only strengthens our position. Given this, and based upon thinking consistent with that illustrated by DCAA's guidance on allowable "airfare" costs, our software's pricing fairly challenges our competition's price ”reasonableness": per the FAR, "a cost..that does not exceed that which would be incurred by a prudent person in the conduct of competitive business.” Yet, apart from our enabling companies to allocate more of their indirect cost dollars to other worthy applications - or to simply reduce costs - other considerations remain.

With no add-on requirements whatsoever, we offer a GAAP and DCAA compliant solution that's complete, approachable and easily managed from the start. With all versions of Light allowing unlimited employees, our license agreement won't insist that we "share" in your success, but will instead assure our software's performance to help you achieve it. And our support - whenever needed - is second to none.