Accounting Software for Government Contractors, Service-Focused Organizations & Professionals

Light4 Project Accounting.
For Government Contractors.

CCAS’s latest offering, Light4, is a major upgrade of its field-proven, DCAA compliant, financial and project cost accounting solution for government contractors and service-based organizations. PC, Mac and iOS native, it is a comprehensive solution unrivaled in its breadth and scope and ease-of-use. It’s also unrivaled in its accessibility.

  • Comprehensive job cost tracking and reporting satisfying management and government requirements.
  • Fully integrated with CCAS Capture DCAA compliant web timekeeping and expense reporting.
  • On-demand calculation and proof of indirect cost rates and allocation of costs to projects.
  • Fast and flexible Project billings for all government contract types and methods,and forms.
  • Built-in Ad Hoc (on-the-fly) reporting, transaction and core data exporting and transaction importing.
  • Built-in reconciliation of key balance sheet accounts.
Quite simply, our latest offering cannot be matched - at any price. And, as always, we’ll meet, or beat, the pricing of any equivalent software. Contact us for more information and an online demo.

CCAS Capture Timekeeping and Expense Reporting.

It’s possible that 80% of your company’s costs are labor and related costs. Managing these costs is a top priority, and requirement. CCAS takes this multi-faceted matter and reduces it to its simplest and most manageable form. It also - optionally - provides for full employee expense reporting, including iOS direct capture of expense receipts. Full DCAA (Defense Contract Audit Agency) compliance is built-in.

Building upon 15 years of field-proven performance, Capture (for organizations of all sizes) is built for and fully integrated with CCAS’s Light4 and Light3. It can also integrate with nearly any application that can import data.

With Capture Web Timekeeping & Expense Reporting license fees priced at thousands to tens of thousands less than competing applications - and with its unmatched features, communications capabilities, and ease-of-use - the question becomes: “Are there any competing applications?” Contact us.

One more thing: Capture licensing is based upon your active users, not the total number of your employees or other users, past, present and future. That is, is your licensing and maintenance costs will not grow...interminably.

Light1. For Newer Government Contractors.

Our history of enabling users to quickly become fully responsive to government contracts accounting requirements is well-established. CCAS Light4 and Capture software are heavyweights, reducing complex tasks to easily managed solutions. From virtually automatic reconciliations, real-time indirect cost rate calculations to full “ICE” requirements reporting, it’s all here - and will be through all of your “next” levels. With our entry-level configuration of our full-featured Light4, best-of-breed government contractors accounting software is well within reach. Contact us. Payments via PayPal are accepted.

Capture for Professionals T&E Reporting and Billing…for iOS.

iOS native iPad apps for all independent professionals and their associates. Uncompromising and unsurpassed timekeeping, expense reporting and billing functionality with full DCAA compliance - and more. Record, bill and collect faster and better than ever. New once-and-done licensing fees from $99.99 to $249.99 include PC and Mac desktop apps...A “NeatDesk” alternative that truly “gets things done”. View documentation, a free demo or buy now.

The Cycle Continues: Bid..Win..Perform..Bid.
(and not necessarily in this order...)


LIght4 and Capture - and all CCAS software products - are complete solutions that help insure that:

  • Your contract win is awarded without delay. Every day lost in dealing with pre-award surveys (audits) is lost income and will impact forecasted indirect cost rates, profitability and cash-flow.
  • You are always able to track, report and support, and expeditiously invoice project costs and expenses, and this with full DCAA compliance.
  • You are always DCAA audit and Incurred Cost Submission ready. Audit readiness is a designed-in feature of all of our products.
  • Your key balance sheet accounts stay fully reconciled, providing staff, management and third-parties with the assurance they need…and reducing accounting and compliance costs.
  • You’re ready to aggressively bid on any new or follow-on work. System-wide management and ad hoc reporting tools make job pricing as informed and accurate as possible.
Upgrade today.

Access your CCAS software from nearly anywhere, with nearly anything.

CCAS Light4 and Light3 and Capture Timekeeping and Expense Reporting are based on - and all new licenses include - the latest version of FileMaker Pro: the software you'll use (along with and the free FileMaker Go for iOS devices) to access them via PC & Mac desktop computers and Apple iOS devices over networks. All Light licenses will include at least one copy of FileMaker Pro and Light Runtime (for running Light in single-user mode) and will specify the quantity of and which FileMaker products are included. CCAS Capture Timekeeping and Expense Reporting is always accessible via modern web browsers via desktops, notebooks, smartphones and tablet computers with network or Internet connectivity.

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Easing administrative burdens and contributing to productivity are the cornerstones of good software and systems. While some would have it that these attributes suggest excellence, we see them as fundamental qualities: why else software and systems? CCAS software goes a full step further, supporting less experienced staff in their advancement and freeing seasoned staff to focus on what they do best, and this with unrivaled cost-effectiveness. It’s that simple.