Why our software?

We believe that Light4 and Capture Timekeeping & Expense Reporting represent the best financial and government contracts project cost accounting software products available today - at any price. Focusing on the needs of companies whose principal product is services, our software provides a framework that helps insure that accounting operations will consistently generate exceptional results.

An order of magnitude more powerful than off-the-shelf accounting software - and the software offered by the goliaths of the accounting world - CCAS products surpass what has come before. We've quietly implemented features and capabilities not contemplated by the vast majority of the accounting software establishment - although semblances of our creations have found their way into their offerings. That our software is the least expensive of the enterprise accounting solutions on the market - from any and all perspectives - is but an additional benefit that CCAS users enjoy.

Our broad-based experience, and that of our users as well, has helped us shape a family of accounting software products that are at once uniquely approachable and powerful.

1. User Empowering

CCAS products transcend the "user-friendly" concept: they are user-empowering, initiating the uninitiated, reassuring the efforts of mid-level staff, and solidly supporting the most seasoned professionals. We maintain that there should be - and is - no difference between accounting software for "expert" and "novice" users or "complex" or "simple" operations. Nothing is served in this distinction. Software is either complete or it isn't. Complexity is no more than the characteristics of, or differences in, the nature of transactions from organization to organization. So Light's interface is the same - inductive, straightforward and clear - no matter the nature of your operations. And it handles your most complex requirements with ease.

2. Field Proven Project Costing Peformanance and DCAA Compliance

CCAS products focus on the needs of all service firms: Government Contractors and any activity or project-centric organization...even Doctors, Lawyers and Staffing Specialists. Our products meet the requirements of these industry sectors and the requirements of management, accountants, external accountants and auditors (Defense Contract Audit Agency, etc.) fully, equally and simultaneously. As a result, companies using CCAS products can address any and all financial and cost reporting requirements as the need arises, without the need to install specialized "modules" or otherwise revamp or acquire new accounting software or software "add-ons".

3. A Complete Solution with Fully Integrated Electronic Timekeeping

Light, our financial and project cost accounting software, includes embedded and fully integrated Internet electronic timekeeping. Our electronic timekeeping software meets or exceeds the stringent requirements of management...and the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA). The most complete, fastest and easiest Internet electronic timekeeping software available, for Light4 and Light3 users Capture electronic timekeeping is configured and ready-to-go just after your books have been configured. Time data recorded electronically is simultaneously available to Light accounting users, project managers, and company management.

4. Comprehensive Labor, Payroll and Benefits Accounting and Analysis

Light and Capture Electronic Timekeeping and Expense Reporting provide the most complete Labor and Payroll management capabilities available. From recording of timesheets to processing of payrolls, all is handled with the completeness and accuracy that is hallmark of CCAS products. As a result, the inevitable data entry errors that occur are always easily identified and handled, and complete audit trails are always maintained. Additionally, with Light4 Capture activated, managers have access to comprehensive Project Manloading (the process of assigning staff to projects and labor categories and setting hours budgets) - an unprecedented level of functionality. Labor utilization and analysis is up-to-the-second, offering unparalleled control over your key cost component.

5. Virtually Automatic Reconiliations of Critical Balance Sheet Accounts

Light seamlessly incorporates real-time, virtually automatic, in-line reconciliations of key Balance Sheet accounts. Accrued salaries payable and actual payrolls are automatically reconciled. Fixed assets transactions recorded in the General Ledger for any and all fixed asset accounts are automatically reconciled to listings in our Fixed Assets Cycle. Your most critical and, heretofore, unmanageable, accounts are brought to their knees. All Company cash accounts are available for the fastest, most intuitive, reconciliations possible. Additionally, project costs incurred are constantly reconciled to costs billed, eliminating the possibility of overlooking billable costs, regardless of when they are recorded in your books. This is the way "it" was meant to be...

6. Self-Generating Accounting System Policy and Procudures Manual

Our products provide all the tools for automatic maintenance of your Accounting System Policies and Procedures Manual. For each General Ledger account - and for each "Cost Type" and "Cost Group/Pool" established - we provide core data which users can supplement with their own notations and instructions. The aggregation of this information is available as a printed document suitable for management and any external auditor - and is also presented whenever our context sensitive Help system is called.

7. A True Cross-Platform Solution

CCAS products are cross-platform, fully supporting Windows XP (SP 3) and Windows 7 and 8 and Macintosh OS X 10.6.8 and later. Serve and access our applications from either platform, or any combination of these platforms, for true ease of implementation and user access.

8. "Cycle" Based Completeness

CCAS products are Cycle driven, instead of the limitation generating "modular" design approach. As a result, CCAS Light and Capture are uniquely configurable and maintainable. Virtually any financial reporting need can be satisfied at any time - including those not contemplated in your initial configuration. Our proprietary design approach is without precedent in the world of accounting.

9. A Well-Conceived Foundation and User-Centric Focus

A well-conceived and solidly constructed foundation is key to the expandability and potential of any system. Our products have been developed with future growth - including expanded functionality available via the Internet or your Intranet - as a foremost consideration. As a result, we can easily advance our products with the same ease that users operate and maintain our systems. We are constantly reviewing potential enhancements and are ready at a moments notice to implement those that meet our criteria, and the criteria of our users. We understand the needs of business. Our users are, of course, intimately familiar their own needs and desires. Working in combination, CCAS products advance naturally, with the satisfaction of our users being our ongoing, and foremost, objective.

10. Designed for the Enterprise (all of it)...and its Profitablity

CCAS products are designed for the enterprise...the entire Company. By design, and fully complemented by the granularity of our system's built-in security features, the System Administrator can enable varying levels of user access across your network. Executives can access cash balances, account receivable and payable agings, up-to-the-minute indirect cost rate computations, financial statements, job cost performance...and more. For those users that do not choose to enable Light4 Capture with their purchase, any of the company's staff can be allowed to enter timesheets - but will not see pay rates or other sensitive data during this process. Project managers can be granted access to data key to managing their activities. In brief, CCAS products are designed to by used, and used "hard". We are in pursuit of the same thing: the most effective and profitable business operations possible...