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Founded in 1987 by Nicholas A. Kasun, CCAS has, since its inception, offered comprehensive accounting solutions for Government Contractors. Our first product, "CCAS for Government Contractors", was based in MS-DOS. Strong as that product was, things have changed considerably since then. Expanding upon that foundation, today we offer accounting and information systems solutions designed for the popular computing platforms (PC & Mac), the Internet and the newest mobile devices such as the iPhone (and all "smart" phones) and the iPad...And our products have always focused on the needs of any industry sector needing to manage project and labor costs - not just Government Contractors.

From Light4 to Capture Web Timekeeping and Expense Reporting, to Capture for Professionals and to our legacy products Light3 and Light2, we believe you'll find our products to be uniquely effective. Most importantly, all CCAS products are usable by staff of all experience levels. Reducing complex problems to approachable solutions is our ongoing objective.

Today our software is based in FileMaker Pro, the relational database with legendary ease-of-use, stability, and robust cross-platform performance. The April 2002 issue of "FileMaker Now" featured our Light2 accounting software in its "Solution Spotlight". We like to think that our software preserves the best of FileMaker and believe that our software has helped shape the growth of the FileMaker product line.

In the summer of 1995 we first became aware of the Internet. By the fall of 1995 it occurred to us that "this means you, too!" So in late December, 1995, we put up our first Web pages, one of which was our Indirect Cost Rate Worksheet, a JavaScript application. By the first week of January, 1996, we were awarded the Harcourt Brace Professional Publishing "TopFive" award, were named "JavaScript Site of the Week" and found that our work was to be included in Teach Yourself JavaScript In A Week (SAMS.Net). Later that year we found that our accounting package for government contractors, CCAS for Government Contractors, was featured in a college text, Business Essentials (Prentice Hall). CCAS software has found its way into other publications as well.

In a word (or two), whether by design or otherwise, in the mid-90's we "hit the Internet ground running". Today, as was true nearly 20 years ago, we still see the Internet as the greatest information and communication medium to hit this planet. We believe that its power has yet to be fully tapped. In fact, it's our belief that the real Internet is redefining itself almost daily. We see “it”, and we intend to be at the forefront, bringing accounting operations to places not yet contemplated...even by us!

It is worth noting that suggestions and recommendations made by our users have been important to the success we've had. Many thanks! As always, we encourage and appreciate suggestions from our users - and prospective users as well.

Look for the evolution of user deployment possibilities for CCAS’s Light and Capture Web Timekeeping and Expense Reporting - a project we call “LightPACKET”. An alternative, improved, approach to file and data sharing - as well as networking in general - is what we're after…

CCAS is located in Spotsylvania County, VA, USA
Spotsylvania, VA 22553
(T) 540-786-3466