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CCAS Light & Capture Software

The union of traditional accounting concepts - and thinking that embodies and harnesses the best of today's technology - is the essence of CCAS's Light and Capture software. It addresses the diverse accounting requirements of professional service organizations…and government contractors in particular.

Delivered pre-configured, at the moment of its installation your Light software is a complete (DCAA compliant) government contracts job cost accounting system. Modify our default configuration as necessary. All that's then missing is your company's "core" data and - of course - your informed recording and classification of costs, expenses and all entries.

Light's power is centrally located: accessible, straight-forward and clear. The needs of simple and complex operations are satisfied at once. And Light's "Home" screen driven interface helps insure that access is easy and answers to questions asked of any accounts or transactions are immediately available

It's all right there in front of you. Light and Capture's ease-of-use and performance are unsurpassed. Contact us for more information, to discuss pricing options, and to schedule an online demo.

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Software Licensing Options.


A one-time license fee for Light4, Light 4 Capture, and LightSTORM for your selected number of simultaneous users. Software support and maintenance is billed annually, in advance. Periodic software updates are available as released.


All of our Light software is offered as an annually renewable license and LightSTORMd is only offered on this basis. Annual software support and and maintenance is available, as is hourly software support (billed in blocks of three hours), both payable in advance. Software maintenance updates are available as released and annual licenses may be upgraded to "permanent" at discounted rates.

Licensed Users

In Light4, this is the number of any of your employees that may simultaneously access your books. In Capture, this is the number of any of your employees (or other users) that may simultaneously record time and expenses for each pay period.

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Compare the Versions of CCAS Light

Presented below are features of CCAS's Light software that allow it to “stand out” from the crowd. All versions of Light have the same - complete - feature set. The very slight differences that between them are solely a function of the platforms on which they are employed and whether a version is multi-user, single-user or exclusively iOS-based (LightSTORMd).

Features Distinguishing CCAS Light Accounting Software, by Light Version: Light4 LightSTORM LightSTORMd* Other/Yours
Best in-class financial and project cost accounting - including DCAA (Defense Contract Audit Agency) compliance. Comprehensive in scope, Light remains easily accessed by users of all experience levels. Y Y Y
Optionally includes our best in-class, fully integrated, Capture DCAA compliant electronic timekeeping - which can include expense tracking. Note: manual timesheet entry is fully supported in all versions. Y N N
Equally and fully supports Commercial and US Government Contracting operations, or a combination of these business models. Your financial and cost reporting requirements stay fully satisfied. Y Y Y
For Government Contractors, single-click/tap Incurred Cost Submission reports - including supporting “proofs” - are available for all years. User-definable indirect cost rates and formulas are supported. Y Y Y
Feature-complete with no add-on requirements (or fees) whatsoever. Delivered with a proven chart of accounts and sample set-ups, you’ll be up-and-running - and audit ready - almost instantly. Y Y Y
Built-in Ad Hoc report writers deliver Light4 data present in your system for viewing, printing, emailing or exporting in an array of formats, as needed. Instantly respond to requests for accounting data. Y Y Y
Import transactions into Light's General, Purchases, Payroll, Inventory, Sales and Allocations journals. Y Y Y
Quick and easy importing of bank and credit card transactions reported in CSV (comma-separated values) files. Y Y N
All periods are always available - in detail - for review, analysis, reporting and data exporting. Details are never compressed and system speed is maintained no matter how many transactions are present. Y Y Y
Books are never “closed”, yet add, edit, and delete access can be suspended for all entries through a specified date (a “soft-closing”). Suspended access can be enabled, or deactivated, as necessary. Y Y Y
Runs on PCs, Macs and the latest iOS 8 devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch) and - in a multiple-simultaneous user configuration - any combination of them. Y Y N
Runs full-featured with desktop-class performance - natively - on the latest iOS devices under the free FileMaker Go app from FileMaker, Inc. (an Apple subsidiary). Y Y Y
No limits imposed: unlimited accounts, employees, projects, customers, vendors, transactions, etc. Y Y Y
Light “users" are your recorded employees (which can include consultants, accountants or others to whom you wish to provide system access). As a result, unlimited users is a “built-in" feature of Light. Y Y Y
”Access" privileges are set for each user and range from ALL system areas and functionality, to specific areas and actions, to NONE. User access is also set as “Full”, “Read Only”, or “Data Entry”. Y Y Y
Embedded Quick Start documentation and context-sensitive (screen) “Help” is provided system-wide. Context-sensitive “Help” can be supplemented by users for customized supporting documentation. Y Y Y
Upgradable at any time to any greater version of Light with a significant portion of licesne fees paid applied to your upgrade. N/A Y Y

* LightSTORMd runs exclusively on iOS devices under the free FileMaker Go 13.