Software Support & Answers to FAQ.

For Light and Capture users, CCAS's periodic emailings and your Dropbox remains your primary source for product updates and information. The latest Light4 and LightSTORM updates were posted on February 22, 2019. The latest updates to Light3 and Light3 Capture Web Timekeeping were made available March 6, 2015. If you aren't certain of how to access your Dropbox, or have any difficulty in accessing it, please contact us by email or at the telephone number that can be found on your "About" Light screen.

Following are answers to questions typically asked about our software and the support we provide for it. If your questions are not among those addressed, please let us know.

How fast can we get started?

Upon completion of your purchase of a CCAS Light or Capture license, CCAS will create a Dropbox account for you. Your Dropbox will allow you to download the software and documentation necessary to install and run Light and Capture…IMMEDIATELY. That is, your Light software installation files and documentation are delivered electronically (and can also be shipped to you on a CD/DVD). Because Light4 And LightSTORM ship pre-configured - with a standard chart-of-accounts, a default cost structure, sample projects, vendors and employees - you could begin processing transactions through Light upon its installation. This, of course, also means that you'll be able to immediately respond to any DCAA or other government auditor's "Preaward Survey".

Describe the typical user of CCAS software?

Companies using Light4 and Capture Web Timekeeping are typically small to medium sized businesses employing from as few as seven to hundreds of individuals. Spread across the United States - and the globe - the vast majority of our users are service businesses whose principal customers are the departments and agencies of the US Federal Government and whose principal costs are labor, labor related costs and other costs incurred in the performance of their contracts.

What are the hardware requirements for running CCAS software?

Windows (Intel or AMD processors) and Macintosh computers of a recent "vintage" are completely adequate. While dedicated "Server" hardware can be employed, robust workstations can also be effectively employed as a "Host", or "Server", computer. As is generally true, the more robust your hardware the better your performance will be. Note that any combination of Windows and Macintosh computers can be used to run our software. For full details please see our Software and Promotions pages.

What computing platforms are supported?

When running Light as either "Host" or "Client", Windows XP and XP Professional (Service Pack 3) as well as Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 are supported. Intel-based Macs running Mac OS X v.10.6 and greater are also supported. With regard to "Client" access to Capture Timekeeping and Expense Reporting, any operating system and device that can run a JavaScript capable Web browser - including iOS devices running the free FileMaker Go - are supported. For more details our Software pages.

Does CCAS Light software address general financial accounting requirements?

Yes. Light is a complete financial AND project cost accounting solution. Included in Light is general ledger, financial statements, accounts payable and receivable, payroll, Ad Hoc reporting and fixed assets and depreciation. With competing systems, these features often constitute "options" and additional license fees...And, of course, all CCAS accounting software are double-entry systems.

Can Light be used for government contracts "forward pricing"?

Yes. Light can be run in both regular historical accounting and "Pro Forma" modes. All the power of Light is available in both modes so your forward pricing can be as detailed as you like and your pricing is fully supported by Light's unsurpassed audit trails.

How much additional support will be required to get up-and-running?

From the outset we have recognized that no two companies are alike. While there are many similarities between companies large and small, each has its own defining characteristics. Some users want - and need - to get up-and-running quickly. We have seen our software become fully functional within days of its installation - with no additional expenditure by the user for installation and configuration support services.

Other users take a more measured approach, spending anywhere from weeks to months in "getting it just right". In all cases, Light is ready for use upon its installation. On average, users have engaged us or consultants for two or three days of installation and configuration support services in getting their software configured and operational.

The notion that you will spend the same amount on installation support as you spend for your software license simply doesn't apply in the case of CCAS software.

You say that Light is "self-reconciling". What's the real significance?

Most CPA's will tell you that an important first step in the examination of a company's books is a thorough analysis of it's balance sheet accounts: from cash to accounts receivable and payable, to fixed assets and salaries payable - all of these accounts. The thinking here is that if the balance sheet is accurate, the company's books are generally accurate. Income statement reclassifications may be necessary, but the bottom line is probably fairly presented.

CCAS's Light accounting software offers inline support for the continuous reconciliation of all balance sheet accounts - and particularly those that are most likely to present problems. For most companies with labor intensive operations, reconciling the salaries payable account can be a challenge (translation: difficult and, if performed by your accountants, costly). The same being true of cash and fixed asset accounts. Light's reconciliations help insure that your books are always as complete and accurate as possible, and this with a minimum of effort and cost.

Is CCAS software approved by the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA)?

CCAS Light and Capture Timekeeping and Expense Reporting have been approved by DCAA at user sites across the United States. We know of no occasion where our software has not been approved by DCAA. It is important to note, however, that Government auditors, including those of the DCAA (Defense Contract Audit Agency), approve accounting systems based solely upon each user's implementation of software - not the software itself. Government auditors, by regulation, do not support or endorse the accounting software of any vendor.

Does your software require highly trained and experienced staff?

Our software is being run effectively by accounting staff of all levels of experience and expertise. By virtue of our software's design and inductive interface, any interested, enthusiastic user that can use a computer can use our software - and use it well. Our software has the unique capability of simultaneously accomplishing accounting (as all accounting software must) and, at the same time, educating less experienced staff in all areas of financial and project cost accounting and government contracts accounting as well.

Does Light compute indirect cost rates and allocate indirect costs to projects?

Absolutely. Light computes year-to-date Fringe Benefit, Overhead, Off-Site Overhead, General and Administrative (G&A), and Material Handling indirect cost rates for any specified period for which costs exist in your books. Light allows you to fully configure your cost structure so it is you that decides which rates are actually used in the allocation of indirect costs to final cost objectives (projects).

Additionally, you have the option of using actual indirect cost rates as computed by Light or other indirect cost rates (such as budgeted rates) when allocating indirect costs to contracts. Simply put, Light software provides you with full control over your indirect cost rate structure and the reporting of project costs fully "loaded" with allocated indirect costs.

Does Light generate government billings on government forms?

Yes. Light software generates government invoices on either a cost or hours incurred basis as well as on a fixed-price basis. These invoices are printed to government forms SF1034 and SF1035 (substitute) and DD Form 250. Non-government invoices can be generated on the same basis as government invoices as well as on a units delivered basis and their format is fully customizable.

What is included in your annual software support and maintenance agreement?

Included is full support and maintenance of our software and access to periodic software updates. We'll expeditiously respond to any questions you have with the operation of our software and should any problem with our software be discovered, we'll resolve it with the very same sense of urgency.

While eight (8) hours of direct support - which can take the form of installation support or system design an configuration assistance - is included with each Light4 license purchase (without regard to the number of "seats" purchased), our annual maintenance agreement does not include general business consultation or system design services.

Does your software support Divisions and Cost Centers?

Yes, all Light software fully supports financial and job cost reporting by Division or Cost Center. Additionally, Light4 and LightSTORM allow for the maintenance of important indirect cost rates by Cost Center.

Do Light and Capture export data for use with other software?

Yes, virtually all data that Light and Capture maintains can be quickly and easily exported - at the very highest level of detail - for further analysis in spreadsheet or other common business applications…assuming that the user has been given authorization to do this via Light's "User Access" controls.

Is your software updated regularly?

Yes. The latest versions of Light and Capture Timekeeping and Expense Reporting are updated regularly. Each update brings the introduction of new or refined functionality and/or performance enhancements. We value input from our users and their recommendations are, whenever possible, incorporated in updates to our software.