Capture for Pros

Professionals. Do what you do best.

The accounting details are under full control.

Welcome to the Capture family of iOS Apps: Time Capture, Capture T&E and Capture Pro. Each is iOS "native" and self-contained, and built for Apple's iPad. CCAS has raised the bar for timekeeping, expense reporting, invoicing, and receivables management applications on all platforms, including iOS.

With built-in, full-bore, DCAA compliance* that's as unobtrusive as it is complete, you'll sleep well, knowing that you can instantly respond to (and support) any and all inquiries regarding your timekeeping, expenses and invoicing. Invaluable…and guaranteed.

One-time licensing fees from $49 to $99 include companion Windows and Mac desktop applications - with no recurring costs or in-app purchases. iOS native, there's no need for the "Cloud" - yet each App is "Cloud" ready…It's your choice.

* Valuable for all, and a "must have" where efforts are subject to Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) or other US Government accounting requirements.

Record time and expenses. Bill. Collect. Faster and Better.

Fast? Easy? Of course. But that’s just the beginning.

Just tell Capture about yourself, your clients and projects, labor categories and project tasks and, where applicable, your expense categories and invoicing settings. Select the system settings that “fit” your style, and then…go. Easy.

Time Capture features and highlights. It all begins here:

  • Fast time entries and edits, complete with note and Memo file capture (file, photo, voice, and more)
  • Record time via time clock or direct selection or entry and mark time as “Regular” or “Overtime”
  • Use of iPad’s keyboard and date “pickers” is minimized: record time without a single keystroke
  • Time entry and edit screens detail the day’s entries and hours total, and pay period total hours
  • Optionally capture location coordinates (latitude and longitude) with each time entry
  • Timesheets for weekly, bi-weekly and semi-monthly pay cycles with links for editing time entries
  • Sign timesheets by “Submit” actions and attach live signature
  • Back-fill time entries for any pre-implementation period
  • Automatic advancement of pay periods with all periods always available for review
  • Labor cost distribution provided for salary (“uncompensated overtime” method) and hourly pay types
  • All reports generated about as fast as the time it would take to ask for them (or faster)
  • Maintain detailed (and unlimited) Project/Client database; store the contract document with entries
  • Add Projects/Clients with full details or fast - “on-the-fly” - as necessary; complete the details later
  • “Hide” selected Project/Clients, removing them from entry selection lists, and re-enable as necessary
  • Maintain detailed Task/Labor Category database; set hourly billing rates for time entries
  • Assign yourself to Project/Client and related Task/Category for streamlined data entry
  • Set budgeted hours and billing rates by “assigned” Project/Client and Task/Category
  • Real-time monitoring of budgeted vs. actual labor hour performance
  • Real-time billable labor and labor utilization (billability) analyses
  • Real-time performance, and performance period, percent complete analyses
  • Charting of billable hours by Project/Client and reporting of estimated billable amounts for periods
  • A great communicator: all data can be exported in an array of file formats, emailed, and printed
  • Pay period data can be exported for inclusion in CCAS’s LightSTORM accounting
  • Record client manger off-line approvals
  • Password protected System Admin and Time Management modes for secure setup and “action”
  • DCAA compliant: you are recording your time in “ink” and a detailed edit audit trail is always available
  • In-line, comprehensive “Help” and a detailed system “Overview” for quick answers and more
  • All input and output is device based: no trips necessary to any “back-end” for the heavy-lifting
  • Runs “natively” on all iPad and also runs on iPhone, iPod Touch and PC and Mac desktops
  • “Lean & Mean”: for all its power, it makes a very small footprint on your device
  • Cloud-free by design, yet Cloud-ready. You decide how to deploy
  • Strong controls present system-wide - without compromising all-important flexibility
  • Based in and backed by CCAS software’s years of field and audit-proven, failure-free performance
Capture T&E features and highlights (includes all Time Capture features as listed above):

  • Maintain unlimited and detailed expense and other cost item database
  • Set “standard” cost per unit by item for expense auto-calculation (can override during data entry)
  • Record expenses with time entries and edits, complete with expense receipt and note capture
  • Capture expense receipts directly with iPad’s camera or from “Photos”
  • Update (replace, add or delete) expense receipts any time from screens where expenses are detailed
  • Back-fill expense entries for any pre-implementation pay period
  • Analysis and reconciliation of all or select expense data for any date range
  • View, export and email receipts from time entry and edit screens, expense screens, or “Photos”
  • Export and email detailed expense data for any date range by Project/Client in popular file formats
Capture Pro features (includes all Time Capture and Capture T&E features as listed above):

  • Bill “signed” time entries, expenses and other items (retainers, fixed amounts, etc.) for any period
  • Bill at billing item specified billing rates or override billing rates during invoice preparation
  • Professional invoices prepared are always available in all of Capture Pro’s three invoice formats
  • Invoice in detailed, condensed, or condensed with previous and cumulative data (“ITD”) formats
  • Include all unbilled time and expense items of the invoice period or “Hold” items for later billing
  • Specify billing “headers” for time and expense (and other item) invoice sections
  • Select expense items (consultants, associates, etc.) to include in the “Time” section of invoices
  • Specify billing terms and invoice note (or certification/attestation), if any, by Project/Client
  • Specify URL for online client payments
  • Record invoice payments and adjustments
  • Present your logo and your company’s name and address, and your actual signature, on all invoices
  • Back-fill invoices by creating them for any pre-implementation period
  • Real-time analysis of billable, billed and unbilled labor hours, expenses and other items
  • Real-time contract backlog (contract value less billings) analyses
  • Real-time total and Project/Client accounts receivable and invoice aging
  • Real-time reporting of cash-basis and accrual income from services: think “Schedule C” of Form 1040
  • An uncomplicated single-entry accounting system for business and income tax reporting
  • If run in the “Cloud”, optionally allow Client Managers Project charge approvals and invoice review

It's Your Time. We take it as seriously as you do.

We’re all Professionals.

Included in our notion of "Professionals" are all that provide services and are directly or indirectly compensated for their efforts - their hours and expenses - and may have a requirement to account for their efforts in detail. That is: Engineers, Lawyers, Accountants, Agents, Contractors and Consultants on any and all subject matters - and particularly those whose time accounting is subject to DCAA or other US Government accounting requirements. As a Professional, the recording of your time should be in "ink". That is, time entries may be edited, but not deleted. All Capture apps serialize and note the date and time of all entries, the date and time of all edits, and a full log of all such edits is maintained: the entry before and and after editing is preserved in full detail. This log cannot be edited and the PDF reports generated detailing this edit audit trail cannot be edited. It is possible, however, to "purge" this edit audit trail (with an archive copy of this data saved before purging), but to accomplish this all time entries of the same period are purged as well. So, if your system has time entries, it always has a full edit audit trail for those entries. If a timekeeping system doesn't include this "writing in ink" feature, its entries are little more than etchings in the sand.

It's Your Time. You own it, right?

What you’ll be getting…and what you won’t.

You will be creating business data and managing business data directly and exclusively on your iPad - not “interacting” through a web app with a back-end application that may be outside of your direct control. You are in full control and own all that exists in this, your realm. Each version of Capture provides the most verifiably accurate time reporting possible. But it is completely up to you as to who - if anyone at all - is exposed to all that it delivers, or any part of what it delivers. Important is that you will know with complete certainty that you are always ready to support your time charges in absolute terms. And because you’ll own them, your app and your data can never be held “hostage”.

Each of our apps will pay for themselves almost immediately and their “dividends” are continuously realized. As a Professional, addressing your timekeeping policy and procedures is a fundamental administrative requirement. With this accomplished, you’re free to concentrate on your objectives, doing what you do best.

Smoothly transition to th Next Level.

We’re pleased to be able to assist all Professionals - and on a very cost-effective basis. And we’ll be just as pleased to provide the accounting software support you’ll need should your success find you at a “new” level, with employee’s, new and expanded costs, and significantly greater accounting needs. We’ve been doing just that for more than 25 years. We stand ready to assist in your transition…and every bit as cost-effectively.

Good Software
Easing administrative burdens and contributing to productivity are the cornerstones of good software and systems. While some would have it that these attributes suggest excellence, we see them as fundamental qualities: why else software and systems? CCAS software goes a full step further, supporting less experienced staff in their advancement and freeing seasoned staff to focus on what they do best, and this with unrivaled cost-effectiveness. It's that simple.