Capture for Pros

Capture for iOS Frequently Asked Questions.

Capture Apps are current at this time: no updates are available. When updates are available you will be notified at the email address you provided when you registered your software.

Can Capture be effective for Independents with staff or associates?

Yes, a small group of independent Professionals that collaborate on efforts can use Capture apps to great effect. Each would employ the Capture app of their choice and would email their exported time and expense entries to those who would use their data in their own accounting and billing. Since any expense entry recorded in Capture can be billed as "Time", invoicing the hours and expenses of a number of associated Professionals is as easy as the recording of their charges.

It is also possible for the independent with a small number of employees to use Capture for Professionals as a cost-effective approach to time and expense management. Each employee would have their own copy of Capture and - with Capture "served" (either locally or in the "cloud') - the lead individual is able administer each employee's app and review, approve, and export their pay period data for use in their accounting and billing. This is possible because of Capture's built in, password-protected, segregation of Administrative and Time Management functions. The savvy independent will see this immediately.

While there is a point where utilizing applications that address the needs of larger companies would make more sense (such as CCAS's Light3 Capture Web Timekeeping), Capture for Professionals is built to fluidly address the diverse needs of small groups - groups that often become unified, much larger organizations in their own right.

What's the meaning and value of "writing in ink"

That time entries are recorded in "ink" is one of the requirements of a timekeeping system if it is to be compliant with DCAA (Defense Contract Audit Agency) regulations. This requirement, and other required administrative policies, are detailed in all Capture apps at "Overview".

Implicit in the "writing in ink" concept is that errors in the recording of time will occur. So the concern isn't one of whether edits of time entires have occurred, but rather to explain the context of - the reason for - the edits. The significance of "writing in ink" is that, while other expenses can be verified by receipts and other means, there is no similar means of verifying time entries. This being true, "writing in ink" and the audit trail this practice produces becomes the best means of evaluating the integrity of entries.

If a timekeeping system doesn’t include the “writing in ink” feature, its entries become little more than etchings in the sand. If a timekeeping system includes billing and also permits the deletion of billed time entires - or the free editing of billed time entries - the output of that system and the integrity of its data can be in question from the outset.

Time "Memo" and location coordinate capture. What about privacy?

All Capture apps allow for the storage of voice (and an array of other file type) memos as well as the option to capture your current location coordinates (latitude and longitude) with all time entries. Memos are fully editable and can be deleted. Location data collected is not editable or deletable as this would render the data meaningless. The value of these features is clear enough, as is the potential for the compromising of one’s privacy.

As we know, the use of cellular phones, email and internet services generates location "metadata" that is stored by all service providers as a matter of course - so the "privacy" concept has changed. By choosing to record your location coordinates with time entries you have your own proof of your location with accuracy to 50 meters - as contrasted with the less precise determination that "metadata" provides.

"Memo" and location data, if recorded, is not presented in any Project report or exported data intended for transmission to clients. Location data is, however, included in reports intended for the sole use of the Professional - such as pay period reports (which include all time charges for periods). The Professional is always free, of course - at their discretion - to transmit this data to any party, at any time.

Combined with Capture’s ability to store your actual signature, capture expense receipts for any expense item, and because it automatically date and timestamps all entries and edits, the timekeeping and expense reporting bar is moved forward. Near-effortless ease-of-use. Speed. Accuracy…And a new standard for completeness.

I don't have an iOS device. Can I use Capture on my computer?

Though Capture is built for the iOS and will initially install only on iOS devices, all Capture app purchases include PC and Mac desktop applications as well.

If you let us know with your purchase that you want to run Capture on you desktop or notebook alone, we'll register your app for you and make it available for downloading. The only things you'll give up are the ability to capture your location coordinates with time entries and to view a utilization analysis chart at "Analysis" (this data analysis is, however, provided in non-graphical format as well). Should you later acquire an iPad or other iOS device, you then can move your app there…Easy.

What about employees already using their employer's timekeeping system?

Employees of organizations who are already recording their time through their employer’s timekeeping system may find value here. We recognize that many of you maintain your own timesheet files. Time Capture can save you a bit of tedium and provide you with data that will fully “stand” all tests. After all, what you’re after is a rock-solid, bulletproof, history of your time. Yes? You’ll find it here…