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Capture T&E extends all found in Time Capture with its capture of expenses and related receipts - and other costs and items as well. iOS native timekeeping for Professionals complete with classic timesheets, unlimited Projects, Clients, Tasks and Labor Categories, detailed entry listings, edit audit trail reports for all entries for all periods, "Memo" file and optional location capture with all entries, and full data exporting, emailing and report printing functionality. And like all Capture apps, it's fully (and unobtrusively and nearly transparently) DCAA compliant. $79. Once, and done.

Where other iOS offerings - "Cloud" based and otherwise - would ask you to "synch" with another application (that resides elsewhere and is either beyond your direct control or must be purchased separately) for the heavy-lifting, with Capture T&E and all Capture for Professionals iOS apps, it's all happening right on your device. No need for synching or traveling back to the desktop for what you need. Yet, move it to the "Cloud" or your desktop with its free companion applications for PC and Mac as you like: you'll find the same functionality and power.

In the Capture T&E demo video, system maintenance, timekeeping and expense reporting - including expense receipt capture and storage - are examined. Expense reports and expense analysis and reconciliations are also detailed.

View the Capture T&E and all Capture for Professionals demo videos here.

Following are screenshots from the Capture T&E demo video: