for iOS, Windows & Mac.

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Capture Pro completes CCAS’s family of iOS apps, extending all delivered in Time Capture and Capture T&E. It provides professional grade invoicing and accounts receivable management and reporting. It is complete enough to be used as a complete single-entry accounting system and can provide both the accrual and cash basis income and expense reporting you’ll need at tax time. The option (when run in the “Cloud”) to allow secure client manager access for review and approval of time and expense charges and to view invoices submitted to them - along with their payment status - makes for a new standard for completeness for time and expense billing applications, regardless of computing platform. And, as is true of all Capture apps, it’s fully (and unobtrusively and nearly transparently) DCAA compliant. $99. Once, and done.

Where other iOS offerings - “Cloud” based and otherwise - would ask you to “synch” with another application (that resides elsewhere and is either beyond your direct control or must be purchased separately) for the heavy-lifting, with Capture Pro and all Capture for Professionals iOS apps, it’s all happening right there on your device. No need for synching or traveling back to the desktop for what you need. Yet, move it to the "Cloud" or your desktop with its free companion applications for PC and Mac as you like: you'll find the same functionality and power.

In the Capture Pro demo video, we examine the completed cycle with full invoicing and related reporting and much more. We now have a true single-entry accounting system...

Following are screenshots from the Capture Pro demo video: