Some Important Government Contracting Info…

If you have traversed our Web site, you've surely noticed that we (uniquely) provide substantive information on all of our products and services. Clearly, we are in the business of selling our software. At the same time, we know that you must be convinced that your selection of CCAS accounting software is well-founded.

To that end, we offer the following presentations - online demonstrations which are both substantive and valuable. Through them we hope to convey that we understand - and our software responds to - the financial and project accounting needs of your company:

  • DCAA Preaward Survey.

    If your company's policies and procedures and cost accounting software can satisfy these fifteen requirements, all is well. While this demo utilizes screenshots from our legacy software, Light2, our latest releases continue and extend the functionally presented.

  • Indirect Cost Rate Worksheet.

    There are many approaches to the development of a company's indirect cost rate structure. A rate structure that results in the full absorption of indirect costs by direct cost objectives “works”. Presented is the an indirect cost rate structure that can be implemented in our Light software. A detailed proof of "full absorption" - of the integrity of your established rate structure - is always available in CCAS Light4.

An on-line demo of our Light and Capture software is always available. Contact us to schedule your demo.