Your DCAA Preaward Survey.

…and how Light will help you fly through it.

Doing business with the US Government offers significant opportunities for your organization. With these opportunities come some significant requirements. Topping the list of these requirements is your accounting system. More specifically, before awarding a contract, the government needs to know that your accounting system is "adequate".

The determination of the "adequacy" of your accounting system is made by government auditors, and very often by DCAA (Defense Contract Audit Agency) auditors. Chilling as this may sound, the auditor's process of determining if there is consistency in your methods and systems for estimating and accumulating costs is one that benefits all parties. Your prospects of success in government contracting are a function of the strength of your accounting system.

What is "adequate"? The best answer to this lies in the tests that government auditors will apply in their Preaward Survey. As you'll find in our presentation (see links, below), satisfying these tests using CCAS Light4 is easy - so easy that the potential of "passing muster" with DCAA is a built-in, out-of-the-box, feature of our software.

Light4 - and all of our software - is designed and configured in advance to meet all government accounting requirements. Install Light, supply your own data, make any account modifications needed by your organization, enter your transactions, and you're ready.

Click here (or select "Survey Items" in the navigation menu) to step-through Light's response to a typical DCAA Preaward Survey.