Your Investment in Consulting Services.

Understanding that the purchase of new accounting software is but a first step in the upgrading of your accounting operations, we - including our independent associates - stand ready to offer our more than 25 years of corporate and DCAA experience and provide you with the assistance you'll need to make your transition as smooth, effective - and fast - as possible.

Important to note is that our services focus on "getting things done" and what "must be done". We will not waste your time (or ours) with fear-based tactics or over-reaching promises. But we will deliver more than you may have thought possible.

  • Systems Analysis. The reasons that precipitated your decision to consider new software in the first place will be evaluated in the context of the functionality that Light4 and Capture™ Web Timekeeping provide. Design recommendations will be made (and implemented, should you so choose) with respect to your new system's setup and configuration. Guidance in the day-to-day operation and maintenance of your new system provided as well.
  • System Conversion. You may have a chart of accounts - an account structure - that you are want to preserve (whether in whole or in part) as you move to new software. What you are looking for is the enhanced functionality and accessibility that Light4 and Capture Web Timekeeping offer. We can take your "exported" account data - including transactions - and import them directly into your new software. As part of this process, we will map and resolve any differences between the systems. Our objective: to get you up-and-running as soon, and as effectively, as possible.
  • General Consultation. Our experience in dealing with the accounting operations of companies of all sizes - and our many years of experience with government contractors - can be put to work to help your organization maximize its accounting, profit and cash-flow potential. We are well aware that no two organizations are alike. We also understand that there are certain tenets, or fundamentals, that all businesses must address and that these fundamentals are often easily overlooked. It is our objective - whatever the nature of your business or profession - to maximize profits...not complicate your operations. Simple measures can generate extraordinary results.