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Welcome to LightSTORMd! It's our feature-complete Light4 accounting software configured for device-based access by startups (and those contemplating "starting-up") and any small business. It runs - and only runs - on Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices running iOS 6 and later. No "Cloud", "server" or desktop or notebook computer is involved. That's right: it is iOS native. And it runs with desktop-class performance on the latest iOS devices.

It's offered as an "annual" license for those interested in fully secure, robust, accounting software that's always "ON" - accessible anytime and anywhere - at a price that sets the standard for device-based and online accounting apps. LightSTORMd - and all Light software - delivers results exceeding those of software costing thousands and tens of thousands of dollars more…And best of all, you'll always own your app and data - even if you don't renew your license for later years.

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Simply Better

More than a bookkeeping or checkbook app. It’s the most complete, easily managed and secure accounting app available.


Own your data for less than the cost of renting it. Data in the “Cloud” data is “shared”, and shared, it may be compromised.


Reports are presented instantly and all - any screen - may be printed, emailed, or exported as common file types..

Complete Accounting

Don’t just help your accountant, become it! Import your banking and credit card transactions instantly…Fast. Easy.

Capture All

Easily save supporting documentation captured by your device with check, invoice and timesheet entries and more.

Pay & Invoice

Enter Accounts Payable and print checks. Create custom Commercial and cost and effort-based Government invoices.

Yes, Job Costing

..for all of your projects
(with proven DCAA* compliance, rate calculations and one-tap Incurred Cost Submissions).

Includes Timekeeping, Payroll, Inventory, Purchasing, Fixed Assets, Ad Hoc Reporting and more.

It’s all here.

* Defense Contract Audit Agency

With all the features and functionality of Light4, you’ll be running a professional-grade accounting system that’s every bit as easy to use - or easier to use - than the typical “small business” package. Save a copy of your LightSTORMd books at any time to Dropbox and, if you like, create a Dropbox for your accountant’s access. It’ll handle hundreds, thousands, or hundreds of thousands of transactions with aplomb. And it easily exceeds the capabilities and performance of desktop and all online, cloud-based, systems.

But don’t take our word for it. Request your free 30-day trial (demo) of CCAS LightSTORMd.

One more thing, the purchase of a LightSTORMd license can only be made from our demo file: to own it, you must first “demo” it. Also, your demo file will clearly state the cost of an annual LightSTORMd license…and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

Start at LightSTORMd’s “Quick Access” Home Screen and “tap” your way to full-bore accounting freedom.
All system functionality is accessible from this one screen. No “swiping” or “drilling” for features: they’re all right in front of you.

LightSTORMd Demo Home 1228

Our interface should be familiar as it’s remarkably similar to iOS interfaces - and this interface has defined us since 1998.

LightSTORMd is for accounting, of course. Our demo is, too, and it’s for a lot more as well…Employ it to:

  • Gain an understanding of developing a strong chart of general ledger accounts for all business models - including government contractors.
  • Compare LightSTORMd to other software you may be considering and satisfy yourself that nothing else “comes close” - at any price.
  • Demonstrate to your bank, auditor, or any party that “needs to know” that your accounting system is established in good* form.
  • For those considering government contracting, learn how to compute various indirect cost rates and prepare an “Incurred Cost Submission” and, for current government contractors, prepare an actual Incurred Cost Submission with a single, simple, “tap”.
  • Realize that while yours may not be a government contracts “house”, it could enter that world at any moment and you’d be fully prepared.
  • Learn not only LightSTORMd, but Light4 and LightSTORM as well. When the time comes, upgrading Light will be fast and easy

* In government contracting parlance, the term “good” has the same meaning as its term “adequate”. That is, “adequate” is “good”.

All transactions recorded, including this “Quick Check”, can include receipts - and more - captured by your iOS device.
Goodbye scanners and OCR software and the added effort and expense they entail. Capture an array of file and data types with any transaction.

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“Auto-Complete” data entry assistance makes for fast - and accurate - recording of checks and accounts payable entries.

LightSTORMd iPhone 5S

It all begins with a solid foundation - your chart of General Ledger Accounts.
A proven chart of General Ledger accounts, system-wide sample entries, and a sample contractor’s cost structure are included.

LightSTORMd GL Accounts

We should have known (but who would have guessed?) that a full-featured, government contracts compliant, accounting application could run on mobile devices - iPad’s and iPhone’s...natively? Not only via the cloud or a local server, but also entirely on iOS devices themselves with desktop-class performance. Somehow, we’re thinking this is just another “beginning”.

Request your free 30-day demo.