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Light4 Timekeeping & Expense Reporting.

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It just "works”...and like nothing else.

Recognizing that the majority of your costs are labor and related costs, CCAS Capture for government contractors and all service organizations makes the capturing and verification of labor hours and costs - and, optionally, expenses - as fast and accurate as possible. Designed for the desktop and Web - including full iOS (iPad and iPhone) support - it offers a consistent, identical, interface across all platforms. Time and expense entry, manager approvals, as well as administrator maintenance of the system, are as simple (yet uncompromising) as they are fast and secure. And as is true of all CCAS software, full DCAA compliance is built-in: you will not toil to prepare for audits…because you’re always “already there”.

And CCAS Capture offers more. It allows managers to schedule employees to projects and set employee hours budgets by project. Timesheet completion reminders can be sent to employees automatically and at any time deemed necessary. Real-time analysis of your labor utilization rate (billable labor hours % of total) and budgeted and remaining employee labor hours by project and activity are provided in-line - and three (3) levels of manager approval are supported. Built for and fully integrated with CCAS Light4, Capture Web Timekeeping & Expense Reporting will also export your time entry and expense data in a number for formats that can be easily imported into any application that accepts imported data. And should you have the need for client managers to review and approve time charges to their projects online, Capture fully supports this option as well…All this in the most cost-effective, DCAA compliant, solution available.

Apart from the reduced administrative costs you'll experience, what does this power and efficiency mean for your organization? Your most significant costs are optimally managed and profit and cash flow potential are maximized.

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For Employees

Employees, managers (and even outside consultants) will enter and edit their time and expenses - assisted by project drop-down lists - and will submit their timesheets for approval. Each new entry and edit is validated for completeness and accuracy and a full edit audit trail is always maintained.

Employees who have been mapped to projects will be presented those projects when entering time and they will see their remaining budgeted hours on those projects and activities when making or editing entries (note: no entry is ever constrained by the status of budgeted hours).

Timesheets and entry listings for all pay periods are always available for review and printing. Employees are able to change their system password and are also able to update certain items of personal information, such as their current email address.

Timesheets at their easiest, fastest and, of course, arithmetic error-free.

For Managers

Project Managers, and those Division Managers who also manage projects, will review to approve (or not approve) individual charges to their projects for each pay period.

Project Managers will view the budgeted hours status of each employee charging to their projects. Division Managers will map their employees to projects and labor categories and establish related hours budgets. They’ll also review to approve all timesheet entries of employees of their Division. Executive Managers are able to review and approve the timesheet of any employee in the organization.

Both Division and Executive Managers will view utilization information for each employee and the company and the budgeted hours status of employee charges to projects.

All Managers are able to send emails to employees to comment on specific entries that are subject to their approval.

For Administrators

The System Administrator will maintain all aspects of the system. Maintaining default settings, system options, employee, project and activity accounts and labor categories are central aspects of the Light4 Capture Administrator’s responsibilities.

Once the system has been fully configured and employee entries and manager approvals have been recorded, the Administrator will send the completed and approved data to Light4, or export it in other common formats for use in other systems. The Administrator will also maintain settings to monitor employee daily, and pay period, timesheet completion.

Automatic daily timesheet reminders and custom emails can be sent to individual, “flagged", or all employees. Company messages can also be presented for all employee “status” level.

The administrator is also responsible for applying periodic updates to the software.