News & Promotions.

Ongoing Promotions

Instead of offering seasonal promotions, we've decided to offer contstant, ongoing, promotions. All of our products have established selling prices. At the same time, the times suggest that "flexibility" makes good sense. If you're interested in acquiring our software, we'll provide you with a firm price quote. If equivalent software is available elsewhere at a lower price, we'll do all we can to match or better that pricing. Also, you're free to propose alternative pricing or payment terms as your circumstances may require.

Our New Website

Welcome to our updated website. All web pages should now "respond" to whatever computer, or device, you use for web browsing. Additionally, we've simplified our site and made our comparison tables available for easy printing. Should you encounter any problems, please let us know.

There's new pricing..

for our entire line of Capture for Professionals iOS Apps. If you are an independent professional that needs to track and promptly invoice your time and expenses, you'll find a fast, easy, and comprehensive solution here. Have a look at our Capture Pro demo video to see what we mean.

Cloud or NO CLOUD

Ours is a generally "Cloud-Free" approach as our products are capably - and securely - served via affordable and easily maintained hardware and software. But if you're interested is moving your accounting to the Cloud (someone else's server), we'll be happy to assist.